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Story Pulau Seribu

Scout has a diverse island beauty leopard one senorkling attractions, the area snorkeling spot my friends can visit the marine protected area (APL) who finished on the snorkler even the divers, many APL in each and every tourist island but this island app very, very beautiful, various ecosystems coral reefs that are protected so that my friends is obliged to go to sea lovers tourist Pulau Seribu.

The pride of my own when I did snorkeling activity there, Like the island where it is located in the area of Jakarta, precisely in the thousand islands north jakarta. My activities in the office so crowded, not to mention the breakdown jakarta makes me dizzy so I need such an important recreation.

Okay back again snorkeling topic, in addition to the app, I also visited the coastal water of the island, where the island is also a recommendation from the local people, when I reached the location I tried setting up my snorkeling equipment and before long I was immediately into the water. many small fish there menyabut to my arrival they were all around me, unfortunately I did not bring bread to my berimakan. takhanya fish, and stone bukarang trum karangpun much there. I also approached the stone memberanikandiri and attempting to stand on it. Huh very scary, but tolerable for my album.

After what seemed a very long play in the water perutpun was hungry, I was in between by the crew to the island semakdaun, until there I spend beberapan buy snacks and instant noodle to fill my stomach. The island is also great semakdaun beaches. This place is usually made in the recreation of some of the tourist to visit the island semakdaun island, beach island tourist destinations semakdaun be made for small children playing on the beach. play sand, canoeing and snorklingklingpun in these islands is very good.

I saw not only the domestic tourists are visiting, Caucasians, Caucasians were many who bask on the beach of this island. so it was a miraculous experience when visiting the island I scout. may be the direction for my friends who wanted to go there.

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